Personville Press

Future site of Personville Press, an ebook publisher of quality literary fiction. For more information about published titles, see the Ghostly Populations website .

Here are some other things which might be relevant or interesting to people looking for more information:

Founder and Editor of Personville Press is Robert Nagle (bio and linkedin page .) I also offer ebook formatting, editorial services and marketing help to authors. More info is here . Significantly, I have been writing a monthly column about indie ebook deals since March 2018). That column is called Robert's Roundup of Indie Ebook Deals. For more information, contact Robert Nagle (idiotprogrammer at

In Spring 2022, there will be a new Personville Press home page with a new newsletter. Stay tuned. Currently the best way to follow updates is to follow the monthly ebook deal column. and Robert Nagle's personal twitter .

The Personville Press Email Mailing List provides occasional announcements about ebook releases, promotional specials, author updates and coupon codes. Frequency: 2 or 3 times a year.

More titles are coming soon!