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Founder and Editor of Personville Press is Robert Nagle (Bio, Mastadon | Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook.) I also offer ebook formatting, editorial services and marketing help to authors. More info is here with free publishing tips here. Nagle writes a monthly column about indie ebook deals since March 2018). That column is called Robert's Roundup of Indie Ebook Deals. For more information, contact Robert Nagle (idiotprogrammer at

Sometime in 2023 this site will be totally redone. Stay tuned. Currently the best way to follow updates is to follow the monthly ebook deal column and Nagle's Mastadon feed or Twitter feed. Also, the newsletter (signup form below) contains longer updates.

photo of Personville Press founder Robert Nagle

Personville Press is a Texas-based ebook publisher of quality fiction at affordable prices. Founded in 2010 by Robert Nagle, it publishes a mixture of new fiction and out of print fiction. The photo above shows Nagle taking a selfie near a road sign at the main intersection of Personville, Texas. The small town, which was founded in 1854, never had a population of more than 2000 people, dwindling to less than 100 in recent years. "Personville" was also a name for a fictional town in Dashiell Hammett's 1929 novel, Red Harvest. This selfie photo is the result of the single hour Nagle actually spent there.